Everyone would like to think there’s some kind of easy shortcut to getting fit and eating well. There’s not. Mostly. I’ve mentioned how very important it is to do what works for you. For me, that’s finding cooking shortcuts anywhere I can.

One of the things that really has surprised my family is that even years after changing my way of eating, I continue to do it. They’re all surprised because I would often comment to them how much I hated cooking. The truth is, I still don’t love it. But, I have found ways to make it easier on myself.

I used to think it was wasteful to buy vegetables and fruits pre-cut. Why pay someone to do something I could easily do for myself? But, the problem was, I WOULDN’T do it. I had every intention of cutting up all of that wonderful fruit the minute I got home, of prepping the ingredients for my salads and putting them into nice containers in the refrigerator like ORGANIZED people do, and of spending 15 minutes chopping vegetables for that healthy dinner for which I had a great recipe.

But every week I would buy the fresh, nutritious ingredients and use only a fraction of them, leaving the rest to rot in my refrigerator. I was not only wasteful but also beating myself up about not using the food that I had paid for.

Then, I read something on Quora. Someone asked the question, “What things in life are worth paying more for?” One answer that was given was, “Anything that makes your life easier.” It was like a lightbulb finally went on inside my head. From that moment on, I bought the pre-cut fruits and veggies and the frozen already riced cauliflower and already cooked quinoa and rice. It didn’t raise my grocery bill as much as I would have thought, maybe $5 a week, and now I was actually eating all that I purchased!

Maybe cutting veggies and ricing cauliflower isn’t what’s holding you back from adopting a healthier diet. But if you are trying to eat healthier and it’s just not happening, try to identify your barriers and knock them down one by one.

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