Accepting Your Weight Loss

If you read my (long) story on the home page, you know I wasn’t always a healthy weight. And my journey from overweight to not was actually mostly a pretty quick one. In April 2015 I was a US size 12 and 155 pounds. By November 2015 I was a size 2 (sometimes 0) and 115 pounds. It wasn’t a drastic weight loss in the sense that I had to deal with things like excess skin. But, it was drastic to me when I would hold up a shirt or pants and think, “There is NO WAY this is going to fit me.” And I was always surprised when it did, and I still am.

I can remember having a conversation with a colleague and asking where she bought her pants, because I was having trouble finding small sizes, and she told me she was a size 6. And I can remember thinking that couldn’t be true because I was bigger than she was. And when I said to another friend, she looked at me oddly and said, “Um. No, she looks like a size 6. You look like a size 2. You lost weight too fast.”

And for anyone wondering if I don’t eat, or that I am “too thin,” I mentioned on my home page that my mother always has my back. That includes telling me when my weight is either too high or too low. While that wasn’t always appreciated by me when my weight was on the high end, it’s definitely appreciated now. I can also recall her saying to me, “If I didn’t see with my own eyes how much food you eat, I would be worried about how fast you lost the weight.”

I just wonder if anyone else has had trouble “accepting” that they are finally at a healthy weight? I’m 5’3″, so 115 is well within the range of a good weight. Comment below and tell me about your experience with it.

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